We work hard to find unique and beautiful lines, in fast forward trends, versatile and high quality, to meet your needs. We listen to you when you ask us 

Here’s what our customers say…

Testimony from Ibhana Customer, Barbara Bloch of Washington, D.C. ~

“Ever since I bought my first hat and ‘chic’ top at one of Ibhana’s pop up locations in the D.C. area I was hooked. From accessories (scarves, hand bags, costume jewelry) to casual chic to business and after 5 attire I have found them all at Ibhana. The best shopping experience is an afternoon at Ibhana. Meena knows her clientele and selects just the right style for discerning tastes – classic, trendy yet never out of fashion.  Whether I am at Ibhana’s for a sale or just checking out some of my favorite designers like Ribikoff, Lior, IC, I never leave emptyhanded. The proof is how many compliments I hear and how many friends now follow me to Ibhana for their personal wardrobes.  Why go anywhere else?”

I have been a devoted customer of Ibhana from the time that Meena Thamaratnam started her first boutique in her home.  As the widow of a diplomat I was ecstatic to find the kind of clothes which were appropriate for many formal and informal occasions.  She has always chosen designers whose clothes were well made and fit perfectly as well as being unique designs.  I was especially pleased to find that I could also find so many unusual outfits for my four daughters who are career women.  They do not live in this area but when they visit their top priority is to pay a visit to Ibhana.  As the owner of Ibhana , Meena Thamaratnam is gifted in her ability to purchase other accessories, jewlery, scarves, handbags which are beautifully crafted and complement her outfits. We are so lucky to have a store and an owner who cares about her individual customer.

Barbara B.  Seligmann


"Hi Meena,
I want to let you know that I have never received so many compliments over a piece of apparel as I did for the jackets I bought from you last night. I walked into office the next morning I had people in the cafeteria line, whom I did not know, ask to touch it.  It was the craziest thing all day long. People commented on it… how lovely, how beautiful.....When I say I have never received so many compliments, I mean it.  I have never purchased anything that ever created so much buzz as that lovely green silk jacket.....I can hardly wait for an occasion to wear the other. Thank you."
- Helen Meksvanh

“Hi Meena, My mom LOVES the olive green wrap you helped me pick out, she liked it so much, and she was wondering if you had a "lighter" version for summer? I thought I’d share her email to me after she received the wrap…
Dear Wendy, Thank so much for the super wonderful wrap/cape, which, as you know, arrived yesterday. I've never had one before. I really like the color –such a pretty green. I wore it all day today, out to lunch with friends. Everyone ooooh’d and aaaah’d. I ran errands with Dad and enjoyed wearing it in the car and in the stores. So comfortable! Soft and not bulky! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!“
- Wendy’s Mom

"The jacket--everything about it--is perfect.  I just love it.  Thank you so much! 
Plus its always special to shop with you."
- Amber King

"I appreciate working with you.  I enjoy your products so much and look forward to Martha's Market every year just because of you! I look forward to receiving the jacket - whenever- and your e-mails."
- Diane